Food for All Africa aims to contribute in reducing unemployment in Ghana, and assist in the progress of the production and hospitality sector of Ghana.

 Through this program, the we work on helping the underprivileged mostly youth and unemployed who are capable of working by developing their technical and professional skills in order to increase their chances of getting a job that will enable them make their own living. These jobs are provided through other parties and entities that have previously held partnerships with Food for All

These programs work on 3 main factors

Our Main Target from Rehabilitation Program

Developing, recruiting, following up and evaluating 10,000 youth in a period of 5 years, through

Rehabilitation of capable needy cases

Providing more job vacancies

Overcoming poverty and deployment

Providing organizations with their need of well trained employees

Making use of youth experiences in pushing the production and development process

Helping the capable underprivileged cases in making their own living

Targeted cases from this program

Capable studied needy cases

Youth starting the age of 19 till 40

University and Technical graduates

Unskilled and less educated

Our Partners in this program